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Special Events

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Wilshire Ebell Theatre

Wilshire Ebell Theatre

Los Angeles: L.A. Metro Area

Meet Karen Bass

24th May 2022, 6:30pm

Meet Karen Bass

This November, Angelenos elect a new Mayor. The winning candidate will become the leader of the second largest city in the United States, with nearly four million residents. The sprawling metropolis is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, comprised of people from approximately 140 different countries and speaking roughly 86 different languages.

LA’s next mayor will inherit a slew of growing issues: rising homelessness, coronavirus recovery, spiking crime rates, climate change, and much more. Our city needs a bold leader who is ready to act. Who is best suited for the challenge?

To help Angelenos answer this question, the Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall, in partnership with Ebell LA, is hosting a 2022 Mayoral Series with the key frontrunner candidates. Live in front of a public audience, the candidates will join us to discuss their campaign’s message, critical issue areas, and distinct plans for the future of our city. The series will be moderated by Dan Schnur, professor of politics at USC, US-Berkeley, and Pepperdine.

Each session will feature a live audience Q&A, for your opportunity to ask pressing questions of LA’s next mayor.

6:30pm. Free admission via RSVP on the event website.

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