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Special Events

Special Events

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San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

Los Angeles: L.A. Metro Area

Silent Sundays Series: “The Three Musketeers”

26th June 2022, 2:30pm

This event has passed and is shown for archival purposes only.

Silent Sundays Series: “The Three Musketeers”

Next up in our Silent Sundays series on June 26th at 2:30pm is Douglas Fairbanks’ 1921 action/adventure, The Three Musketeers Link opens in new window, where you’ll be transported to 17th century France and the court of King Louis XIII!

Behind the scenes, the villainous Cardinal Richelieu is setting a plan in motion to discredit the Queen. Fairbanks plays D’Artagnan, a nobleman who joins Athos, Porthos, and Aramis (The Three Musketeers) on their quest to recover a special diamond brooch that is key to saving the Queen’s name and keeping the Cardinal from gaining power in King Louis XIII’s court.

Are the Musketeers successful in their perilous mission? Does D’Artagnan prove himself worthy to become one of the King’s Musketeers?

Accompanying The Three Musketeers on our Mighty Wurlitzer theater pipe organ is Mark Herman. An American Theatre Organ Society Organist of the Year, Mr. Herman tours throughout the country and has performed abroad in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Our series continues on October 2nd with the 1920 horror film, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Link opens in new window starring John Barrymore and ends December 4th with comic great Harold Lloyd’s 1923 film, Girl Shy Link opens in new window.

Tickets are $12.

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