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While Historic Theatre Photos endeavors to ensure event information displayed on our website is kept accurate and updated, however during this volatile time there may be changes to events at theatres which we are not aware of. In particular, proof of vaccination and/or negative Covid-19 test results may be a condition of entry. Some vents may also have been cancelled. You are therefore strongly encouraged to check the status of events directly with the venue and/or event provider. Historic Theatre Photos cannot be held responsible for incorrect event information posted on this website in good faith and later updated elsewhere without our knowledge.

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Special Events

Special Events

This events guide features all the information we have on events. The guide covers theatres featured on this website so you may wish to check local listings for any additional theatre tours available. Enjoy your event!

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< December 2021 >
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

San Gabriel Mission Playhouse
Silent Sundays Series: “The Gold Rush”
(San Gabriel Mission Playhouse)
29 30

Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix
(Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix)

Palace Theatre, Los Angeles
Daniel Thrasher
(Palace Theatre, Los Angeles)
2 3 4
5 6

Fox Theater Bakersfield
(Fox Theater Bakersfield)
7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17

Palace Theatre, Los Angeles
“Bridget Jones’s Diary”
(Palace Theatre, Los Angeles)

Los Angeles Theatre
“Eyes Wide Shut”
(Los Angeles Theatre)

Globe Theatre, Los Angeles
Soulful Sunday Live!
(Globe Theatre, Los Angeles)

Fox Theater Bakersfield
“Miracle on 34th Street”
(Fox Theater Bakersfield)

Pantages Theatre, Hollywood
Blood Drive
(Pantages Theatre, Hollywood)
21 22

Pasadena Scottish Rite
American Red Cross Blood Drive
(Pasadena Scottish Rite)
23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30 31 1
< December 2021 >
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