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Theatre Architects

Theatre Architects

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Walker and Eisen

Walker and Eisen based their architectural partnership in Los Angeles. Their firm was founded as an association among Albert Raymond Walker (1881-1958), Percy Augustus Eisen (1885-1946) and Charles M. Hutchison, Sr., (1881-1969), in late 1919.

The journal American Architect and Architecture reported: “Albert R. Walker, P.A. Eisen, Charles M. Hutchison, associated architects, of Los Angeles, Calif., have formed a partnership for practice under the firm name of Walker and Eisen”.

Hutchison left the association in 1921. In the 1920s and 1930s, Walker and Eisen worked on many theatre designs with Clifford A. Balch (1880-1963).

Information sourced from the Pacific Coast Architecture Database Link opens in new window.

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