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Roxy Theatre (photo credit Steve Gibb)

Roxy Theatre

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

First Opened: 28th August 1930 (91 years ago)

Atmospheric Style: Spanish Villa

Architect: Max Zev Blankstein

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The theatre was designed in 1929 by Winnipeg architect Max Zev Blankstein for theatre magnate Nathan Rothstein of Rothstein Theatres.

The name comes from the Roxy Theatre in New York, which opened in March of 1927. The theatre resembled the Roxy Theatre in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, also designed by Blankstein for Rothstein in 1928. It was built at a cost of $73,000.

The Roxy theatre officially opened on August 28th, 1930. The Roxy, along with the other Rothstein Theatres, would become part of Odeon Theatres in January of 1944. The theatre closed as the Towne Cinema in July 20, 1995. The theatre was dark from 1996 to 2005 and in serious disrepair.

Magic Lantern Theatres undertook renovations exceeding $1 million. The result was the rehabilitation of Western Canada's last Spanish Courtyard Atmospheric Theatre. The Roxy Theatre reopened in 2005, keeping much of its original design and charm intact. It is now a cinema as well as performance space.

Information sourced from the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation Link opens in new window.

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Photos of the Roxy Theatre

Roxy Theatre: Exterior, courtesy <i>Winnipeg Architecture Foundation</i>
Exterior, courtesy Winnipeg Architecture Foundation
Roxy Theatre: Interior, courtesy <i>Steve Gibb</i>
Interior, courtesy Steve Gibb
Roxy Theatre: Interior, courtesy <i>Jonathan Ball</i>
Interior, courtesy Jonathan Ball

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