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Theatre Architects

Theatre Architects

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C. Howard Crane C. Howard Crane

Born: 1885 (Connecticut)

Died: 1952 (London, UK)

Crane specialized largely in theatre and auditorium design and became a leading designer in the 1920s.

Crane opened an architectural practice in Detroit, MI, developing a specialty in the design of movie theatres. He has been credited with designing over 200 theatres, with about 25% of them located in the Detroit metropolitan area. He was practicing in 1919 (perhaps earlier) in the Dime Bank Building, Detroit.

Around 1932, Crane moved to England, but retained an office in Detroit. Before World War II, Crane designed theatres in the UK such as the Earl’s Court Arena in London (seating 30,000 and one of his largest works). During the war Crane designed munitions plants for the British military.

In 1951, Crane supervised studio construction for 20th Century Fox. He died at his residence in London at the age of 67.

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