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Theatre Research

Theatre Research

Mike has conducted extensive research into historic and culturally-significant theatres. This page provides links to select items of interest uncovered as part of Mike’s theatrical research activities.

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Atmospheric Theatres

Mike’s main passion project is atmospheric theatres, a theatre style which flourished in the early 20th century. Although many examples of atmospheric theatres exist around the world, the style was particularly popular in the United States during the 1920s and the US still has the largest and most prolific collection of extant atmospheric theatres.

Click here to read about Atmospheric Theatres.


Technical Theatre

A work-in-progress, this section contains gathered research and analysis on technical theatre terms, patents, designs, and general information. The section on Fire / Safety Curtains seeks to dispel common rumours about their use, particularly in the UK.

Click here to read all about Fire/Safety Curtains.


Theatre Glossary

The glossary leans towards the technical, but also tries to bridge the gulf between North American and European technical stage terms Mike has come across having worked on both continents.

Click here for the Theatre Glossary.


The Vaudeville Stage

Many historic theatres across the United States still exist from the theatrical building boom in the early 20th century. Analysis of the design of these theatres, largely built for vaudeville (referred to as “music hall” in the United Kingdom) can help us understand the quirks of designs we see today.

Click here for the Vaudeville Dictionary.

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Historic Theatre Photography

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